Photography by Kevin Harding

I make photographs to tell stories that move you, touch you, and make you think.

Fine art photos and prints

Fine art photos and prints

I make photos to tell stories that move you, touch you, and make you think.

I proudly print my photos using traditional, handmade silver gelatin photo processes — photos that will last decades and are printed by my hands in my darkroom.

My photos are available for purchase as matted, framed, or occasionally digital prints and files. If you would like to hang some of my work on your wall, I would be honoured.

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A portrait can be a striking image — looking at your eyes, looking at your expression, looking at your very self. I love to make portraits that evoke that immediate, real connection — and I look forward to making yours.

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Film photography workshops

Film photo workhops

Film photography is popular again — and yes, you can still buy film. KHP workshops are an excellent introduction to the basics of film photography and a good excuse to get out and exercise your creative mind through photography.

Workshops cover film photo basics, making photos, developing film, scanning, and more. Custom topics available.

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Bespoke photography

Bespoke photography

Matching your needs or special event with someone who is passionate about photographing it in a way to share the experience can be challenging — and that’s why I’m here and ready to provide custom photography services.

For your event, digital event photography or travelling bespoke film studio event portraiture is available, or a blend of services to meet your needs.

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